Consulting Areas

Our firm counts on the commitment and etics to guarantee we offer a professional service.

Lawyers with experience

Contractual, fiscal, corporate, mergers and acquisitions, foreign investment, estate planning, structures of all types of companies and special projects.


Fiscal - TAX

Consulting and support in the design and implementation of efficient legal structures from the fiscal and economic. Empowerment in discussions and disputes of a tax nature, in administrative and judicial administrative and administrative litigation.


  • Fiscal structuring of purchase and sale operations of assets, establishments, companies, intangibles, both local and international.


  • Accompaniment in investment or divestment operations, in any type of asset or economic interest, aiming to achieving the best negotiation for the client, with an optimal contractual structuring.
  • Our firm offers the representation service for our clients in stages of direct negotiation in legal-business relationships of any kind, linked to corporate law.
  • Franchises, brand licensing, supply.

Labor y Social Security

We accompany our clients in the execution and termination of employment contracts, execution of disciplinary processes, UGPP requirements, drafting and implementation of regulations, policies, agreements, tutelage actions, and in general in the prevention of occupational risks, conformity with current legislation and jurisprudence.



  • Capacity and experience in conflict resolution in family businesses.
  • Structuring and application of protocols or family agreements of business families. Statutes of Good Government.
  • Patrimonial planning of the family business, for the optimization of tax charges in succession processes.


We advise all types of companies in the constitution, liquidation, purchase and sale of commercial establishments, tangible and intangible assets, transformations, capitalizations, disinvestment, and in general in the legal processes of local and foreign corporations.


Real Estate

Consulting and support in the preparation and negotiation of contracts and commercial agreements: promises of purchase and sale, purchase options, joint ventures, leases, fiduciary schemes, study of titles, among others related to Urban Law.


M & A

Our firm has the capacity and experience in processes related to mergers, splits, acquisitions or sale of companies and / or national and foreign companies.


Non-profit entities

Our firm has the capacity and experience of forming Non-Profit Entities, accompanying them in the processes of accreditation and legal status, as well as in compliance with the special regulations that host them.

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